Tried & tested in a wide array of fishing scenarios, each rod we offer is designed to excel where you're going to use it.  Prototypes that aren't up to scratch are put to one side and we carry on development until we believe we are offering the best rod possible.  Mill Flycraft was founded so that you have the choice of buying a rod that has feel, and still all of the performance you could ever wish for, whilst being as much of a luxurious pleasure to own as to fish with. 
All our blanks are manufactured in England by Century Composites using the latest Formula 1 technology and are hand-built using the finest cork and components we can source. 
Because all our rods are hand-built, bespoke options are available on any blank, so if you have any requirements or questions then please get in touch using the contacts page.

Mill Flycraft Rod Line-up
7’ #3 Fibreglass 4-piece
9’ #5 Carbon 4-piece
10’ #5 Carbon 4-piece
10’ #7 Carbon 4-piece
9' #8 Carbon 4-piece